A proactive and hard-working computer engineer, driven by his strong passion in distributed systems, high performance computing, big data analytics, algorithms optimization, mathematical models and startups development. An enthusiastic idea generator and an energetic public speaker with effective networking skills. Believes in the awareness of personal weaknesses as the way to generate competitive advantages. Looking for a cosmopolitan place of excellence to test, enhance and extend his personal qualities and technical knowledge. Wants to ... Create innovation in computer science, growing in a cutting-edge scientific research ecosystem. Live experiences that trigger the cross-pollinative share of technical skills and business ideas. Learn innovative technologies for distributed autonomic high performance computing and heuristic approaches to NP-hard algorithms. Build a synergistic team to test collaborative models, forge leadership and deliver great products.


  • TEACHING ASSISTANT Algorithms Engineering, University Tor Vergata
  • TEACHING ASSISTANT Found. Computer Science, University Tor Vergata
  • PRIVATE TUTOR Mathematics
  • WEB DEVELOPER Restanio's Law Firm
  • TECH WRITER Unistudenti
  • FACILITATOR EmpoweringKeys

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  • LECTURER An hour of code
  • FINALIST ACM DEBS Grand Challenge
  • SPEAKER InnovactionLab Gran Finale
  • BEST STUDENT Computer Architectures
  • ALUMNO InnovactionLab
  • COUNSELOR Faculty of Engineering


  • ONTOQA natural language processing
  • CRIMEGRAPH criminal network analysis
  • BOTNET centralized botnet
  • SOSTREAM social network analysis
  • OPMAP optimal placement for DSP applications
  • RUSP reliable user segment protocol
  • GMPARSER LR(1) and CYK parser
  • ROBOMAP simulator for domestic robot navigation
  • IPATH route optimization on OSM
  • GODOT app to solve an italian traffic problem

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  • LANGUAGES Java, Python, C, Cuda, HTML5, JS, CSS3, Sass, Bash, MIPS
  • WEB Nginx, Apache Web Server, Spring, Angular, Node, Postman, Magento, Wordpress, Jekyll
  • DATABASE MySQL, MongoDB, Neo4J, Redis
  • DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, Flink, HadoopFS, Kafka
  • BUILD TOOLS Maven, Make, NPM, Gulp, Bower
  • DEV TOOLS Eclipse, Jetbrains, Git, JUnit
  • VIRTUALIZATION Oracle VirtualBox, Docker
  • IT AUTOMATION Vagrant, Ansible
  • APPLIED MATH AMPL, Matlab, IBM Cplex, IBM Cplex Concert Technology
  • PLATFORMS Linux, OSX, Windows, Android, RaspberryPi, Arduino
  • OTHER Latex, Inkscape, Sketch